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Coiled Springs as a Power Source

December 8, 2009

Mainsprings are coiled steel ribbons that have been used as a power source for centuries. A major disadvantage of mainsprings is that they do not deliver a uniform torque during unwinding. In service mainsprings are subjected to low cycle fatigue loading, which can be either uniaxial or biaxial. They can either fail in fatigue or fail by becoming tired due to shakedown into a shape where they no longer deliver adequate torque. Some features of the behaviour of mainsprings used as power sources are described and illustrated by examples. Detailed theoretical analysis is difficult so mainsprings are usually designed by using well established rules of thumb. Correct lubrication is important. To viewthe article click on the following link and then on the link that appears in the preview. I have also added the link to the Clockwork motors and Mainsprings sub pages.Coiled 4A