Flexagon Lovers

Does anyone know what has happened to the Flexagon Lovers group hosted by Yahoo?  The site is still there, but there have been no new postings since the beginning of the year. A posting I sent in January has never appeared.

2 Responses to “Flexagon Lovers”

  1. Ann Schwartz Says:

    Hi Les, Yahoo has closed all its groups. I am going to set up a new one. I’m consulting with two flexagon enthusiasts, Scott Sherman and Yossi Elran on the best new platform to use. Also, if you can send me the papers you gave me in person in Seven Oaks, I would love to pass them to both these men. They are very interested in every thing you say about flexagons. I have been looking and looking for your papers, and will keep looking, but copies would be so appreciated.

    • Les Pook Says:

      Ann. I’ve updated the Flexagon page to remove the reference to Flexagon Lovers. I will add the new group once it is set up.
      I should have pdfs of the papers and will send them. I’m still interested in flexagons and have been working on a flexagon paper on and off for some time. Les

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