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2 Responses to “Comments”

  1. Richard Browning Says:

    I have a Smiths Darwin clock – very similar to the one you show on your site. It has always been in my family, since new, and as far as I know has always worked like clockwork. Recently, it has begun to “groan” a little and I thought I would lubricate the motor somehow. I can’t see how to do this on your website nor what oil to use. Can you advise me or, better, tell where I can get it done? Many thanks. Richard.

  2. Les Pook Says:

    Richard, your Smith Darwin clock probably has a Smith BM7 movement, which has to be dismantled for cleaning and lubrication. This is a straightforward job for a clockmaker. I use a modern synthetic clock oil. Unfortunately, current electrical regulations make servicing of synchronous clocks uneconomic for professional clockmakers, so I cannot offer advice on where to take the clock for servicing.

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