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Garrard Synchronous Mantel Clock

December 24, 2013

I have added a Garrard synchronous mantel clock to the Garrard page. The link is

Meccano 1930s Biplane

December 23, 2013

I have added a Meccano 1930s Biplane to the Aeroplanes page. The link is

Synchronomains Clock

December 21, 2013

Early Synchronome synchronous clocks were marketed as Synchronomains. I have added an example to the Synchronome page. The link is

Meccano Tower of Hanoi

December 21, 2013

I have added a Meccano model of the well know Tower of Hanoi puzzle to the Miscellaneous Models page. The link is

Synchronous clock movements

December 10, 2013

The book, PHILPOTT S F. Modern electric clocks. Second edition. London, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd, 1935, includes information on early synchronous clock movements by Ferranti, Garrard, Hammond, Smith, Synchronome, Synclock and Temco. Relevant pages have been updated to include a reference to the book.