Temco Art Deco domestic synchronous clocks

My article ‘Temco Art Deco domestic synchronous clocks’ has been published in Watch & Clock Bulletin, 2014, 56/1(407), 47-58. I have added the reference to the Publications and Temco pages. There is a short abstract in the former, and in the latter clocks described in the article are noted. For copyright reasons I cannot post the article on my website.


3 Responses to “Temco Art Deco domestic synchronous clocks”

  1. Gaius Coleman Says:

    HI Les

    Many thanks for advising us of this. What a pity. Is there any way I can purchase a copy of the article please?

    In fact, are you even considering publishing a book on electric clocks, just like what Barrie Smith did for Smiths domestic clocks? I love this book and have purchased, recently, a nice Smiths electric clock in working condition. The reason I bought it was because of its pretty dial and casing – plus the fact it is working of course.

    Happy New Year and all the best to you.


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