Temco Art Deco domestic synchronous clocks

I can supply a pdf of the article, on the understanding that it is not posted online. The pdf includes a note about this.

To request the file submit a comment asking for the pdf. I will not aprove the comment so it will not appear publicly. Instead I will send the pdf to you privately.


6 Responses to “Temco Art Deco domestic synchronous clocks”

  1. maurizio pignone Says:

    i’m collecting and repare british synchronous clocks so i need any possibly information about them thank you for give me the pdf and if possibly notice of any book available on the market .i just have on my own the ferranti and smiths books.Regards and wishes from Italy

  2. Sarah Weller Says:

    Dear Les
    Please can I have a copy of your article in PDF: Temco Art Deco domestic synchronous clocks. I have just acquired a Mark III and am interested in reading further. Many thanks for such interesting research.

    • Les Pook Says:

      I have never seen a Temco clock with a Mark III movement. Did you get the article? I have been having email problems.

  3. glisses100 Says:

    Dear Les

    Please may I too have a PDF of the Temco article that you have created. I don’t have any Temco ones at the moment, but I have bought a lovely blue glass Smiths Sectric Art Deco clock at Ingliston for not a lot – and it works. I have checked Barry Smith’s book, but sadly it is not included, so cannot tell what the model is.

    Kind regards.


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