Synchronomains Mantel Clock

I have added a description of another Synchronomains synchronous mantel clock to the Synchronome page. The link is

An unexpected feature is that the clock had been neatly modified a long time ago so that it runs backwards.


One Response to “Synchronomains Mantel Clock”

  1. glisses100 Says:

    Hi Les

    Yet another nice, chunky-cased clock. I like those ones with either a discreet seconds hand or a red-white flag showing that the clock is working.

    Old ‘church’ friends may still have a kitchen Smiths wall clock with a black outer case and yellow-gold-coloured Arabic numerals and hands. It was/is in their kitchen and have never seen another one with the same colourings. I always admired it.

    However, I did own one briefly with a red outer case and white numerals and hands I think it was and bought that for a good price in London quite a few years ago. I’m pretty sure that one was self-starting and just a knob for the hands.

    Thanks for this one again and its interesting write-up.

    Gaius, Mid Calder

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