Temco synchronous wall clock

I have added a Temco synchronous wall clock to the Temco page. This is fitted with a Mark IV bottom set movement. The link is.

Click to access s-279-temco-a.pdf

5 Responses to “Temco synchronous wall clock”

  1. maurizio pignone Says:

    Well i’m not sure if that’s the correct place to post a question.Anyway I need to make some leads for Temco syncronous clocks, and i really don’t know what kind of female plug was in use in england at that times.It seems nothing similar exist or was in use here in Italy .So where find some of them? Or could I modify something else? I know that the pin diameter is about 3mm and the distance from the pins (centre to centre) is about 12 mm
    any suggestion?
    regards Maurizio

  2. Les Pook Says:

    This keeps coming up. The connectors used by Temco (and some other British manufacturers) are based on what used to be British Standard 2 pin 2 A plugs and sockets. Replacement female connectors are not available. The best currently available alternative is 4 mm banana sockets, but these need to be used with care. In the UK they are available from electronic suppliers such as Maplin

  3. Les Pook Says:

    If it fits this is the correct one. From the photograph it could be the 5 A version, which is larger.

  4. maurizio pignone Says:

    got it but it’s smaller than the 2 amp british standard.Anyway the temco pins seems to are 3,3 mm diameter instead of the usual 3 mm of the 2 amp socket (old british standar) .A real puzzle

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