Updated 2 December 2021

Assemblo was introduced in France in 1930. Dinky Builder, which was introduced by Meccano in 1934 is similar to Assemblo. They are of the same hand, but the two systems are not compatible because dimensions are different.

Models are assembled using rods to form hinged joints, with hinge axes in the planes of parts. Nuts and bolts are not used. Completed models are usually rigid. The rods (broches) are 3 mm diameter and either 1.6, 2.9, 6.5, 10.0, 13.3 or 17.2 cm long to suit edge lengths. A tool was provided for assembly and dismantling. The system works reasonably well when parts are in good condition but second hand parts are often distorted. This has to be corrected before they can be used. A drift and a pair of half round nose pliers are useful. There were 24 mm diameter pulleys, 27, 36 and 43 mm diameter flanged wheels, and 60 mm diameter wheels with tyres. These can rotate on rods, and can be retained in position by push on stops. A wide range of shapes was available, some with cut outs. Edges of parts are either 1.3, 3.0, 6.6 or 8.4 cm long. All were in plain colours. Parts are illustrated in manuals. All parts were available individually.

Progressive numbered sets (boits) were progressive, but did not contain wheels. Two accessory sets (compléments supplements) were also available. Complément Supplément A contains rods, pulleys, wheels with tyres and push on stops. Complément Supplément B contains rods, pulleys, wheels with tyres, push on stops, and parts with cut outs.

Manuals describe a wide range of models, and instructions are easy to follow. Parts needed for a particular model are listed. Front covers of manuals illustrate some elaborate models for which instructions are not provided.

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Assemble Set (Boite) 0 M161 Assemblo Boite 0 A

Assemblo Set (Boite) 3 M158 Assemblo Boite 3 A

Set 0 Manual in French no cover Assemblo manual for Set 0 No cover

Set 3 Manual in French Assemblo manual for Set 3

Set 3 Manual in French no cover Assemblo manual for Set 3 No cover


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