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Meccano Cruiser Motorcycle

January 8, 2014

I have added a Meccano cruiser motorcycle to the Vehicles sub page of the Meccano page. The link is

Meccano Tower of Hanoi

December 21, 2013

I have added a Meccano model of the well know Tower of Hanoi puzzle to the Miscellaneous Models page. The link is

Meccano to the Rescue

August 30, 2010

A commercial removable satnav bracket was unsatisfactory in my son’s car, so I modified it using zinc plated Meccano. To view the bracket click on the link, and then on the link in the preview. Satnav

Model Mechanic

April 24, 2009

Model Mechanic is a construction system simialr to Meccano. The manufacture’s description is ‘Nostalgic construction kit complete with miniature screwdriver and spanner. Different kits allow a helicopter, motorbike or racing car to be constructed from the metal shapes, bolts and nuts following the enclosed instructions. All pieces are interchangeable, so if more than one kit is purchased they can be combined to create even more impressive models.’. The hole spacing is 1 cm so Model Mechanic is not compatible with Meccano. The thread is M4. The available sets are all simple. A jeep is described in the Vehicles sub page.