Constructo and Eitech

Updated 28 June 2016.

Manufacture of East German ‘Konstruction’ construction sets started in1955. The hole spacing is 10 mm. About 1961 the trade mark was changed to ‘Construction’. Initially these were general purpose sets similar to Meccano sets of the same era, with mostly metal parts. They were progressive and numbered CO1, CO2, CO3 and CO 4. Sets CO2, CO3 and CO4 included gears. These sets were marketed in the UK as ‘Constructo’ A four language manual, including English, covers all four sets. The manual is marked ‘Construction’ and ‘Bauanleitung’ (the German for manual). In the 1980s a range of special purpose sets for the construction of model vehicles was produced. The sets included plastic parts, sometimes in garish colours. The colours sometimes differ from those shown in manuals. These sets were marketed in the UK as ‘Constructo’. The English language instruction manuals were marked ‘Construction’ and ‘Bauanleitung’. Instructions in manuals are entirely pictorial so translation is not needed.

At about the time of German reunification in 1990 sets started to be called ‘Eitech Construction’, and other trade marks were also used. Modern sets are called Eitech’. For more information (in German) see whence manuals can be downloaded. Georg Eiermann drew my attention to this site.

‘Constructo’ is now used as the trade mark for a series of model ship kits.

Some sets and some of my models are described briefly. For more information on a model or set click on the link.

20 Jne 16 B
Constructo CO1 Set M 130 Constructo CO1 A

Constructo C 07 Super Truck Construction Set M 75 Constructo B

11 Dec 12 C
Constructo C 12 Tractor Construction Set M 94 Constructo A

21 Dec 12 A
Constructo C 13 Tractor Special Set M 95 Constructo A

23 Feb 15 A
Constructo No. 20 Super Helicopter Construction Set
M 120 Constructo No. 20 A

Constructo Articulated Lorry M 78 Articulated Lorry A

Constructo Jeep M 83 Constructo Jeep A

Constructo Trailer M 84 Constructo Trailer A

Constructo Pickup M 85 Constructo Pickup A

26 May 13 A
Constructo Tractor and Trailer M 98 Constructo Tractor A

8 Jne 14 A
Constructo Tractor and Trailer M 114 M115 Constructo Tractor A

Eitech Seaplane M 79 Seaplane A

11 Dec 12 A
Constructo Plastic Building Set 2 M 93 Constructo A

12 Nov 12 A
Constructo Plastic Building Set 4 M 90 Constructo A


15 Responses to “Constructo and Eitech”

  1. Bob Duck Says:

    I had quite a few sets of Contructor, we used to exhibit Meccano etc at Model Railway Exhibitions in and around Fleetwood. I thought the trucks were really good!

  2. Bob Duck Says:

    I built around ten models using Constructo, between 1997 and 1999. I had the following sets;- M24, M25, CO7 etc. I thought they were really good, quite realistic. You could also do your own thing with the sets and invent your own designs. I’ll see if I find some photos. Your photos and articles are really brilliant, they’ve brought back some memories! Thanks Les.
    I am on facebook & nzmeccano with my models, look at Bob Duck’s Meccano Models (facebook).

  3. Derek Says:

    Hi can you still buy this, I had the dump truck one and my brother the tractor, I loved building them, trying to find them to rebuild with my nephew

    • Les Pook Says:

      Eitech is available from UK Amazon. For Constructo try eBay, but many of the used sets listed are incomplete

      • Leander Says:

        Hello Les Pook,
        are you interestet in selling some of your sets, C13 and C21?
        Or do you know some one which will sell such a set?

        Thank you!

      • Les Pook Says:

        No, I don’t have any for sale, the parts are in my building stock or models. I don’t know of a source for complete sets.

  4. derek Says:

    cool thanks

  5. Dimas K Says:

    Thank you for this article.I used to have C10. It was gift from my father for my 8 birth day. After that it was my favorit toy for more than 5 years. Several times in my life I tried to find name and picture of this set on the internet but today I found it on one Russian site. After I got the name i get research and find this amazing article. Thank you for refreshing my childhood memories!

  6. David Nightingale Says:

    Hi I have a C13 set I’m trying to get a price on to sell does anyone know what they are worth many thanks

  7. Les Pook Says:

    My site is a technical information site so I don’t value items. Prices achieved on eBay depend on condition and completeness.

    • Leander Says:

      Hallo, Les Pool, I would like to to go on contract with David. He send a massage that he has a c13 set and would like to know the price. I am interested in such a set…but David dose not answer. I think he forgot to agree “Notify me of new comments via email”. So he dose not know that there is a comment. You as administrator have maybe the possibility send a mail. Or you may have the mail address that I can send him directly my request…
      Thank you you for your help…
      Best regards Leander

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