Dinky Builder

Updated 7 August 2019

Dinky Builder was introduced by Meccano in 1934. The edges of parts are either one inch or two inches long. Parts are stamped ‘Meccano’. Nuts and bolts are not used. Instead, models are assembled using rods to form hinged joints although completed models are usually rigid. A tool is provided for assembly and dismantling. Some earlier outfits have split rods which makes assembly and dismantling easier. The change from split to plain rods took place in 1950. The system works reasonably well when parts are in good condition but second hand parts are often distorted. This has to be corrected before they can be used.

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Outfit 1A M 142 Dinky Builder 1A 2


Icosahedron M 143 Icosahedron 2




Stella Octangula M 150 Stella Octangula 2

Lorry M 147 Lorry 2

Folly M 148 Folly 2


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