Miscellaneous Models

Updated 31 October 2021.

This is a collection of miscellaneous models. For more information on a model click on the link.

Rocking chair M 35 2009 Christmas Challenge. Rocking Chair B

Watt steam governor M 37 2009 Christmas Challenge. Governor B

Catapult M 31 Catapult

Space rocket M 21 Space Rocket A

Domino M 47 Domino A

Supermarket trolley M 86 Trolley A

8 Aug 13 C
Bending roller M 105 Bending Roller

27 Aug 13 E
A seven-roll roller leveller. International Meccanoman, 2014, (71), 14-17.  M 106 Leveller 7 Rolls D

Wall clock M 109 P 24 Wall clock A

8 Dec 13 C
Tower of Hanoi M 110 Tower of Hanoi A

20 Jly 14 C
Eiffel Tower M 118 Eiffel A

7 Dec14 C 2
England Flag M 119 England Flag A

Solver for the 3D Labyrinth M 152 Solver 2

Moebius Band M 155 Moebius Band 2


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