Updated 21 January 2015

Elco synchronous clocks were made by Elco Clocks and Watches Ltd. 51 Hatton Garden, London EC 1.

For more information on a clock see POOK L P. British domestic synchronous clocks 1930-1980. The rise and fall of a technology. Springer, 2015.

Elco synchronous mantel clock (1)

Elco synchronous mantel clock (2)

Elco synchronous mantel clock (3)


3 Responses to “Elco”

  1. Dónal Says:

    Where can I get a coil for one of these movements please. Don

  2. Les Pook Says:

    Unfortunately, replacement colis are not available, and repair requires highly specialised equipment. One possibility is to replace the faulty coil with a low voltage coil as described in http://sound.westhost.com/clocks/ocm.html

  3. Asher Gough Says:

    I don’t know if this is the correct place to go for this sort of thing, but I have an Elco Synchronous mantel clock, I do not know the model name, but I have seen it on another website with these details (apologies for the long winded bit that shall follow) “An Elco synchronous electric mantel clock. The Bakelite case is 5Å”
    high  8″ wide  2Å” deep. The dial is 3Å” diameter with black Arabic numerals and
    hands. There is an aperture for a tell tale at 12 o’clock. The dial is marked ‘Elco
    SYNCHRONOUS’ and ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’.” It needs a 200-250 volt A.C. 50 cycles wire, does anyone know where i can find such a wire, I’d love to get it working again, Thanks, Ash.

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