Franco British

Updated 4 March 2016.

For more information on a clock click the link. If no link see POOK L P. British domestic synchronous clocks 1930-1980. The rise and fall of a technology. Springer, 2015.

Franco British Electrical Co Ltd synchronous bedside clock

1 Mar 16 A
Franco British Electrical Co Ltd synchronous wall clock
S 299 Franco British A


2 Responses to “Franco British”

  1. Jeremy Wright Says:

    I have just purchased one of these from eBay for £6. It works well. I also have acquired a very similiar model with a built in bedside lamp also from eBay. Any idea of the date of manufacture as this Smiths Sectric movement was in use for a couple of decades ?

  2. Les Pook Says:

    I have no information on Franco British Electrical Co Ltd. My guess is that it was one of the many companies that started making synchronous clocks after 1945. They do not appear to have made their own movements. There is no Art Deco influence, so on stylistic grounds this would indicate about 1950. This is also around the time when clocks with buit in bedside lights were popular.

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