Updated 8 December 2015.

Goblin synchronous clocks were made by the British Vacuum Cleaner & Engineering Co Ltd, Goblin Works, Leatherhead, Surrey. They also made Magneta synchronous clocks.

For more information on a clock click the link. If no link see POOK L P British Domestic synchronous clocks 1930-1980. The rise and fall of a technology. Springer, 2015.

2 Dec 15 A
Goblin synchronous mantel clock S 277 Goblin A

Goblin Model 394 synchronous bedside clock

Goblin synchronous wall clock S 63 Goblin A


5 Responses to “Goblin”

  1. Gerard Kniest Says:

    Hallo,sir I’m looking for a coil for my Goblin clock.The thread is somewhere disconnected and rewiring is quite a problem. It’s for a s 41 goblin A Do you know someone who is in possession of goblin parts?

  2. Les Pook Says:

    There is no easy answer. I wish there was. The only practical solution, which maintains originality, is to cannibalise another clock with the same type of movement. I have done this on several occasions, but not with a Goblin clock. An alternative solution is to rewind the coil with thicker wire and run the clock through a transformer. I have seen this service offered on line, but would not have it done to my clocks.

  3. Dave Says:

    Hello, I have recently obtained a Goblin model 394 that is in need of a second hand. Would you know where I might obtain one, or a clock parts supplier that would have one that would fit?

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