Updated 15 February 2012.

Kienzle synchronous clocks were made by the Anglo-Continental Clock Co Ltd, 1-4 Fleur-de-Lys Street, London E 1. For more information on the clock click on the link.

Kienzle synchronous mantel clock S 164 Kienzle A


One Response to “Kienzle”

  1. Gaius Says:

    Hi Group

    I have just bought one of these beauties in Edinburgh today as I liked the look of it. It’s a nice big chunky well-made clock and I was fascinated to note that, when I started the clock manually, by turning the start knob, the seconds hand pulsed forward, rather than a continuous sweep – most unusual for a synchronous motor clock.

    Thanks for info above about who made the clock which is always useful and interesting.

    I also note that the seconds hand is pretty accurate in aligning itself to the seconds markers on the dial which is good. I like the look of the counterpoised seconds hand too, the hour hand and the whole clock.

    Mid Calder

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