Created 16 September 2014

The company now known as Liberty plc was founded in 1975, as Liberty and Co, by Arthur Lasenby Liberty. They occupied a shop in Regent Street, London. They moved into the newly built department store in Regent Street in 1924, and still occupy the store. In 1955 they began opening department stores in other UK cities. These were all closed in the 1990s, and small shops opened at airports. Since 1988, Liberty has had a subsidiary in Japan which sells Liberty-branded products in major Japanese shops.

The business was founded to sell ornaments, fabrics (for which they were to become especially famous) and miscellaneous objets d’art from the Far East, including Japan. From the 1890s work was commissioned from leading English designers, and was sometimes sold under the Liberty brand. Many of these designers practised the artistic styles known as Arts and Crafts, and Art Nouveau. The store became one of the most famous in London. During the 1950s the tradition for fashionable and eclectic design was continued, with new designers involved. All departments in the store sold both traditional and contemporary designs. During the 1960s extravagant and Eastern influences became fashionable, as well as Art Deco, and Liberty adapted their designs.

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4 Sep 14 A 2
Liberty synchronous mantel clock S 267 Liberty A


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