Created 12 July 2012

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President Homefire novelty synchronous alarm clock S 204 President A


7 Responses to “President”

  1. Nick Arnold Says:

    Dear Les,

    I have reached this page after reading your book, in which I saw an illustration of the Japanese “Omron” motor that drives this timepiece.

    Superficially, it resembles the Warren motors used in Everett Edgcumbe “Synclock” clocks, i.e. a sealed rotor and reduction gearbox assembly.

    Is this actually the case, please?

    Many thanks,

    Nick Arnold (Oxford).

    • Les Pook Says:

      Dear Nick
      The motors are indeed very similar. The point is that Warren patents prevented the use of a sealed rotor and reduction gearbox, and the use of shaded pole self starting, by other early manufacturers. These patents have expired so the features can now be used freely.



  2. Nick Arnold Says:

    Dear Les,

    That’s interesting to know, many thanks for your speedy reply (which I’ve only just found, as the auto notification by e-mail didn’t get through to me – spam filter, maybe?).

    Thanks for a great book, which is now in my bookcase with my ever-increasing collection of electric clock literature. It’s so nice to see people taking an interest in these fascinating devices again.


  3. Kevin David Kirkwood Says:

    Hello, Les, I am building your 7 roll roller leveller and have a couple of questions. Lower roller 2 & 3 are supposed to have a 1″ stub, it is not clear in the description or in the photos, are these stubs on the same side? Do all the lower rollers turn in the same direction? I cannot tell from the images what the prcise gear configuration is. It appears that the input shaft has a half inch and 1″ pinion on it. These drive rollers 1 and 2 but I cannot figure out the remaining of the gearing Roller 3 appears to drive roller 4 by pinions on the power input side but that would mean that all lower roller do not turn in the same direction. Is that correct?


    • Les Pook Says:

      Two of the half inch pinions are jockeys which are free to turn on stubs on rollers which turn in the opposite direction. Hence all the lower rollers do turn in the same direction. One of the jockey pinions is retained on its stud by a one inch pinion and the other by a collar. I hope this makes sense.

      • Kevin David Kirkwood Says:

        Thanks. This makes sense. Another question though, are the 2 1″ stads on the same side of the machine? It seems that if so one will impinge on the 1″ gear wheel.


  4. Les Pook Says:

    No, they are on opposite sides.

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