Updated 20 September 2014.

British Sangamo Co Ltd was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sangamo Electric Company, an American company in 1921 (Grace’s Guide 2014). It became a public company in 1935. By 1937 British Sangamo Co Ltd had become Sangamo Weston Ltd, Cambridge Arterial Road, Enfield, Middlesex. Its activities were expanded by acquisition of companies manufacturing electrical instruments and control systems. British Electric Meters Ltd was a Sangamo Western subsidiary. they used the brands British Electric Meters Ltd and BEM. They used their own synchronous clock movements. Synchronous time switches were branded Sangamo Western Ltd.

For more information on a clock pr time switch click on the link.


LINZ J. Westclox electric. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing Co., 2004.

WISE S J. Electric clocks. Second edition. London: Heywood & Company Ltd, 1951.

Sangamo model 504 synchronous wall clock S 53 Sangamo A

Clock marketed under another name

Magneta Style 406 F synchronous mantel clock S 23 Magneta A

Clock with a Sangamo movement

British Electric Meters Ltd synchronous mantel clock (1)
S 7 British Electric D

2 Dec 12 E
British Electric Meters Ltd synchronous mantel clock (2)
S 214 British Electric A

Clock with a Sangamo motor

Anonymous synchronous wall clock S 57 Anonymous B

18 Sep 14 A
Sangamo Weston Ltd synchronous time switch S 268 Sangamo A


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