Updated 23 January 2015.

Synchronome Co Ltd had its origin in 1895 when Synchronome of London was established by Frank-Hope-Jones (Miles 2011, Grace’s Guide 2014). After a turbulent history it was incorporated as the Synchronome Co Ltd in February 1912 with Frank Hope-Jones as one of the directors. Further turbulence followed the end of the Second World Was in 1945 and in 1969 Synchronome was merged with the long established safe maker John Tann to form Tann-Synchronome. Ltd. This was not a commercial success and on 2 May 1988 it was acquired by the Tunstall Group. The business, assets and liabilities were transferred to Tunstall Telecom ltd on 30 September 1988. Most of the business was closed down. The Synchronome Co was best known as a manufacturer of electric master clocks and subsidiuary dials. The company started producung synchronous clocks in 1931 Early clocks were branded Synchronomains and later clocks Synchronome. They used synchronous clock movements made by other manufacturers.

For more information on a clock click on the link. If no link see POOK L P. British domestic synchronous clocks 1930-1980. The rise and fall of a technology. Springer, 2015.

10 Oct 13 B
Synchronomains synchronous mantel clock

4 Mar 14 A
Synchronomains synchronous mantel clock

Synchronome synchronous mantel clock S 145 Synchronome A

Synchronome synchronous wall clock (1)

Synchronome synchronous wall clock (2)

4 Sep 14 D 2
Synchronome synchronous wall clock (3) S 266 Synchronome A


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