Updated 24 April 2013.

Henry Ellis Warren was the original pioneer in the development of synchronous electric clocks. In 1912 he founded the Warren Clock Company. By the summer of 1916 he had developed a synchronous motor suitable for use in clocks. He applied for a USA patent, which includes a description of the motor, in 1916, and this was granted in 1918. The Telechron trade mark was first used in December 1919 and was registered in 1923. The motors used in Telechron clocks are enclosed in sealed housings, and usually have a long life. Telechron clocks are self starting and include a warning device, which shows when power has been interrupted. This consists of a red dot that appears in an aperture. Telechron movements were licensed for use in othe makes of clock, including General Electric. For further information see LINZ J. Electrifying time: Telechron and GE clocks. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing Co, 2001. Also see

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Telechron Model 2H15S Kitchenguide synchronous wall clock
S 90 Telechron A

Telechron Model 8H55 Selector synchronous mantel clock
S 72 Telechron A

Telechron Model M 1 synchronous mantel clock S 51 Telechron A

Clock with Telechron movement

18 Apr 13 A
Smith synchronous wall clock (3) S 231 Smith A


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