Updated 25 April 2013.

Timlec synchronous clocks were manufactured by Timlec Ltd, in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, UK from 1946-1948. Electricity cuts in 1948 bankrupted the company.

The movements were designed in house, cases were designed by a commercial artist. The first model had a Bakelite case, the second model was a hexagonal alarm clock and the third, more upmarket, model had a wooden case. 

Source: comment by Zee Jay 25 April 2013.

For more information on the clock click on the link.

Timlec synchronous mantel clock S 116 Timlec C


7 Responses to “Timlec”

  1. Steve C. Says:

    I’ve got a bakelite one of these, with a hardboard rear cover. Mechanism and hands look the same though…

  2. Brunel Says:

    I also have one of the Bakelite types.

    I would like to discover the approx. year of manufacture.

  3. Steve C Says:

    Hello Brunel, I’d have to guess that it would be around 1950. Bakelite was big in the 50’s and sixties but since they made one out of wood, which would almost certainly have pre-dated the bakelite one, but there appears to have been no other updating, (as far as I can see) I’d infer that it would have been made around the early part of the bakelite era. Hope that helps.

  4. Brunel Says:


    • Zee Jay Says:

      Manufactured by Timlec Ltd (contraction of Time Electric!) 1946-1948 in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, UK.
      1st:model Bakelite
      2nd:Hexagonal alarm …metal
      3rd model upscale wood.
      Interior works designed in house. Cases designed by commercial artist.
      First on the postwar market. Production sold out 4 years out.
      Electricity cuts in 1948 bankrupted company.

  5. Les Pook Says:

    Thanks for the information, which is new to me.

    • Zee Jay Says:

      Mr.Pook…the information is accurate. My Father owned the company and started it with my oldest brother…both engineers!

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