Synchronous clock queries

I welcome queries on synchronous clocks. If anyone would like a private response, rather than a public reply to a query, please indicate this in the comment. I will then send a response by email and not approve the comment for publication.

6 Responses to “Synchronous clock queries”

  1. sue Says:

    hi, have you any idea where to buy this clock ?
    it was a holiday location we were at at the weekend, very shiny and new looking though.

  2. Les Pook Says:

    The clock shown in your photograph is as described on the Smith sub page of my website as a Smith Approved Stockist synchronous wall clock. It is at least 55 years old. It has a chrome finish so has polished up well, despite its age. The one I describe is the only one I have ever seen for sale so the chances of finding another are remote.

  3. Ian Williamson Says:

    I have a Temco synchronous mantel clock (21) S 151 Temco A in your images.
    It has a mark V movement and is missing the glass front
    Any idea if anyone can supply/make a replacement.
    It would be good to have it complete.
    I bought it 40 years ago and just got round to getting it going

  4. Les Pook Says:

    Replacement clock glasses are available from horological suppliers. I usually buy from Cousins:

  5. Mark Lines Says:

    Hello Les, I have managed to get hold of one of the ‘Approved Stockists’ wall clocks. S165. One big problem, the under dial wheels and bridge are gone. Do you own the one on your site and would it be possible to get some pics of the bridge and wheel/pinion count. It would help so much as this is a great clock I plan to keep.
    thanks, Mark

    • Les Pook Says:

      I have no futher information on the clock at present, but hope to be able to supply some in the future.

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