Smith Mantel Clock

I have added a descriptiom of a Smith synchronous mantel clock, with Chinoiserie decoration, to the Smith page. The link is.


5 Responses to “Smith Mantel Clock”

  1. Gaius Coleman Says:

    Another nice-looking clock and quite simple in operation, though would prefer a seconds hand, if small, to see that it’s going. Thanks for write-up.


  2. Gaius Coleman Says:

    Hi Les

    I have won a ‘Barbara’ Smiths Sectric mantel clock on eBay and the 2 thin wires going into the actual motor have come adrift. Presumably this means the motor requires to be replaced? Please confirm. I have spotted another Smiths Sectric mantel clock, in working order, on eBay and have asked for an additional picture of the movement to see if it matches that in the ‘Barbara’. If it does, I want to bid on that clock and canibalise it for my Barbara.

    The reason I want to do this is because I like the shape and look of the Barbara better and it is nostalgic for me as I was given a friend’s one in the 70s to play with when they discarded it. This particular model appears only rarely on eBay, but still hold out hope that I will be able to bid on another Sectric. I have owned another one plus an 8-day model but both were sold on. This one I want to keep hold of this time, until a better Barbara comes along.

    I’d appreciate your advice re the motor situation.



  3. Les Pook Says:


    Yes, either the motor or the complete movement needs to be replaced. I have done both on Smith clocks using parts from another clock. What is feasible depends on what type of movement is fitted to your clock. It is probably a Bijou movement which is designed so that it is easy to replace the motor.


    • glisses100 Says:


      Many thanks indeed for your quick reply. I have now placed 2 bids on the Smiths clock on eBay, so we’ll see by tonight if I win it and canibalise it approprately, by replacing the whole movement.


    • glisses100 Says:

      Hi again Les

      I have won the Smiths Sectric clock, have yet to pay for it and, when the new one arrives will take pics of existing Barbara, pics of new one, including its movement and will possibly write a piece about it, or e-mail you it for reference, etc and you’d be free to do what you will with it.



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